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The ending of this chapter…

A note from PJ & Tashina:

It’s been an amazing 5.5 years of partnership together. As we all know life has chapters, each with a beginning and an end. This chapter of our story together has come to an end, as we are each starting separate, brand new chapters as individual WCS Professionals. Our time together has been filled with joy and growth. We are so incredibly grateful to one another and everyone that has supported us along the way. We are dissolving our partnership on very good terms. We both still care for and respect each other and have every intention to maintain our friendship long past the partnership.  

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Dance Tonight Knoxville has moved locations!! The new address is: 9119 Executive Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37923.  (Formally known as Absolute Ballroom)

Our class times have also changed a bit.  Here’s what Westie Wednesday’s look like as of December:

7:30:  Level 3:  Advanced West Coast Swing         *** 45 minute class ***

8:15   Level 1:  Beginner West Coast Swing           *** 45 minute class ***

8:15   Level 2:  Intermediate (Beyond Beginner) West Coast Swing    *** 45 minute class ***

9:00   Practice Party




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PJ has just returned from performing on the off Broadway show – SWANGO:  In the tradition of West Side Story, this contemporary, Romeo and Juliet story depicts a unique fusion of dance, romance, revelry and rivalry within and between two different worlds. In one evening we see the tale of two lovers; the girl from the sultry world of Argentine Tango, the boy from the lively arena of West Coast Swing. When the lovers conquer their differences, they create the harmonic fusion of Swing and Tango.  This picture was behind the scene after the curtain closed of the last show.


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1st K-Town Get-Down = SUCCESS

Saturday August 11th we hosted our 1st K-Town Get-Down dance event, and it was a blast!!  Dance Workshops, BBQ Dinner, and LATE night dance party!

Here’s some highlights:

Jill DeMarco came in to surprise PJ for his birthday!

PJ kicked off the day with an awesome Musicality workshop to start off Saturday!  We got a glimpse of how his talented mind hears the music and how his body inserts it into his WCS!

Jason & Amy Barnes taught the 2nd workshop sharing their secrets on body articulation in WCS!  We could see immediate results!

Jason & Amy taught the 3rd workshop sharing technique secrets..  What  treat to get that in a group workshop setting!!

Jeremy (co-owner of Academy Ballroom) grilled up some delicious dinner for everyone!  Guests brought in their delicious side dishes!  This was a fun social setting!!

During dinner break we had more surprise guests show up..  Jason Miklic and Sophy Kdep from Cincinnati, OH came to join the fun!  These two are incredible dancers and teachers!

PJ and Jill DeMarco taught the 7:15 workshop showing some cool social patterns!  Who better to learn SOCIAL patterns from than these two…  If you were to google social dancer, I’d be surprised if their picture didn’t pop up!!!

A little after 8pm the social dance started up.  PJ brought in 2 acoustic musicians to play / sing live music for the dance party (Kami Lowe and Leighton Linning) in between his DJ’d sets.  This was an awesome spin to a dance party!

We had a fun improptu exhibition showcasing: PJ Turner, Jill DeMarco, Jason & Amy Barnes, Jason Miklic, and Sophy Kdep!  Following the exhibitions there were dance event pass giveaways including: Atlanta Swing Classic, Swingin’ Dance Party hosted by Jason & Sophy, Lebanon Swings featuring Deborah Szekely, Indy Swing Bash, and K-town Get-Down featuring Jennifer DeLuca and Jill DeMarco.

PJ was presented with a birthday cake and the Happy Birthday Song played by the musicians, followed by 3 songs for his birthday dance!

Music finally ended at 3am..  What an awesome day of dancing!!!!

Mark  your calendars for November 10th when we do it all over again (minus the Birthday bash.. lol)

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Jack & Jill wins..

Congrats to PJ (and partner Trendolyn) on winning 1st place in All-Star Jack & Jill at Liberty Swing in June!     Also – congrats to PJ  (and partner Dawne Kiehm)on a 2nd place in All-Star Jack & Jill at Swingtime in the Rockies last weekend!!

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Congrats PJ!

Congratulations to PJ for winning the Bob Preiss Social Dance Award at Swing Diego in May 2012!

A note from the Swing Diego website:

The Bob Preiss Social Dance award is our most prestigious award, more so than even Classic or Showcase. Our hope is by recognizing dancers with excellent social dance skills, we will encourage others to follow their fine example.

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Westie Wednesday’s

Part of our main goal is to grow West Coast Swing in Knoxville.  One step we have taken is:  Westie Wednesday’s!  We teach a weekly West Coast Swing group class every Wednesday at 8:00, followed by a 1 hour social dance at 9:00 pm.  We are already seeing results of the quality of dance improving, by dancers being able to stick around and practice the materials they are learning immediately after the class.  We are excited to see the dance growing, and the dancers gain confidence!  We have alot of fun lessons planned for the month of April, we hope you’ll join us every Wednesday from 8:00 – 10:00pm for Westie Wednesday’s!

PJ & Lisa